Patrick Mullins

Patrick Mullins is a producer, director, and experience maker who currently does about a million things including functioning as the Associate Producer at Virginia Stage Company.

Directorial/Adaptation work: The Taming of the Shrew, a synth-pop fantasia mixing multi-gendered casting, Shakespeare's text and the music of Jacki PaolellaThe Tempest with music by Jake Hull and visuals by Paperhand Puppet InterventionAbel Valerie: Who is Abel ValerieMoon Take Thy Flight - an immersive Shakespearean festival/visual art installation/performance event  in Town Point Park, , The Tempest with music by Jean  Sibelius produced by Virginia Arts Festival, Virginia Symphony, and Virginia Stage Company. 



Janelle Burchfield

Arts Marketer | PR | Producer ...unapologetic poster of puppy pics.